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Reflection - The journey continues but the destination changes.

Steve Jenkins - Friday, August 26, 2016

For me grass roots coaching is a labour of love. As another season draws to a close here in Melbourne, its time for reflection. I ask myself the following questions:


  • What have I learnt ?
  • Am I moving forward on this journey ?
  • Have I been true to what I stand for ?
  • Has the experience helped the team members on their journey ?
  • Did we have fun ?

When I go through these questions I understand that I can ask these about most areas of my life:



  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • My role in the community
  • Health and well being
To continuously improve this reflection is required. The journey continues but the destination changes.
From the Under 16's:


  • The wisdom, honesty and feedback has enriched my experience of working with young people - and I believe will make me a better coach next year.
  • When I have got stuck in the mud - they have all pushed hard to get us back on the road
  • They have helped keep me true to my word - the process and the team values have been at the forefront
  • They have grown as people, some significantly, some have realised life is a journey and they are thinking of the many destinations that their ticket can take them to
  • We have all had a great time
Thank you to the everyone of you. You have all played your part and shared each one of you has given something unique.
Never miss an opportunity to encourage & nurture a child - help them to become the best person they can be


Ignacio commented on 21-Apr-2017 09:53 PM
Beautiful, powerful, and insightful article, thank you Steve

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