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Steve Jenkins - Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Who Am I ?

Knowing who we are is the very foundation on which kids in teams is built on. Without investing time on addressing our development needs results in the rest of the structure falling down.  As coaches its natural for us to think about the technical aspects of the game say 4-3-3 versus 4-4-2. Whats the point if we can’t communicate this. Our people skills are far more important than our technical skills. Like it or not we are a mentor, a guide and a role model to the young people we are coaching. When they grow up the role model leaves a far greater impression than the games played, won, lost and the trophies won. Never forget this. We have a huge responsibility.

Getting to knowing yourself should be work in progress for all of us. We are ever changing due to age and experience.

Good or Bad ?

Mentors, guides and role models can be good or bad. How do we ensure that we are the former and not the latter?

Its important to be very analytical, our interactions as a coach and as an adult. How do we do this ?


  1. Understand yourself – continual review. Take the opportunity to do team building exercises or personality profiles. Have an open mind to the outcomes
  2. Personal goals and objectives – We must base these on our main development needs.
  3. Feedback.  Within the parent group or other coaches we need to find and use people we trust and value.  Empower them to be honest and frank about how we operate. Have a thick skin. Take on board their advice.
  4. Feedback from the children.  Continually ask the children if they are enjoying themselves, are they learning, do they want to go home early.
  5. One-on-one. Spend time talking to the children one on one. Try to assess their level of self-worth, enjoyment and development. If these are not as high as they should be ask yourself what you can do to make a difference
  6. Reviewing with you partner. Your partner sees you at your best and worst and can give you an insight which sometimes you fail to see yourself
  7. Are you fair?  Do you have favourites ? Its natural. There are some children we can relate to more than others and they are drawn to us and we to them.  Be aware – ask yourself are you doing enough to realise when you are doing this. Are you doing enough to give everyone an equal share of your time and attention.  


All buildings have to have a solid foundation – The success of your team needs a solid foundation. The success is giving the children the opportunity to build their self-worth, enjoy themselves and develop the technical skills and develop as being part of a team – win lose or draw.
We are all human. Understanding our development needs is a huge step – take it.

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Know Yourself – Parents.
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