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Penalty Shoot Outs - The Dreaded Penalty Shoot Out

Steve Jenkins - Thursday, July 03, 2014

Now the World Cup knockout stage is in full we all have to endure the dreaded penalty shoot out. Hero or villain, sheer joy or total despair -   there in no middle ground.

The U12 team I coached were involved in a penalty shoot out in a pre-season tournament. Imagine what it was like for these 11 year olds. The shoot-out went to penalty number 10 so with the 2 goalkeepers, 22 players were involved. As parents and coaches this is a time where we really need to be on our very best behaviour. The kids who miss will feel bad. The main feeling they experience is "I don't want it to be me that messes up" .

If your are ever involved in this please consider both teams - especially if the kids are so young.

I'm not going to share with you whether my team won or lost the shoot out - that's not important. The important thing is to make sure that all the kids involved will be able to look back on this as character building. Both teams experienced near winning and near losing the shoot out.

These events make our game unique - make the most of them



Ludo Hertroijs commented on 04-Jul-2014 08:40 AM
When I playing as a junior in the Netherlands we used to have a penalty shoot out after each competition game. Every player got to take a shot (incl the keepers) and it was a good way for every one to "have a go" even if your team just lost 10-0. Important was for the coaches and parents to be supportive of every player taking a penalty but it also did give each kid the opportunity to be a little hero for a minute.
(personally I think those penalty kicks helped me steady my nerves on important penalty kick moments later in my soccer "career").
Stuart commented on 04-Jul-2014 12:16 PM
Hi Steve - judging by the photos you added,we know who won! That said you are absolutely right. My daughter has been involved in a penalty shootout (in a metro championship game) and the pressure on all the girls was incredible. Some of the girls did not want to take a penalty. It is a cruel way to choose a winner but whether the penalty is missed or saved by the keeper, the penalty takers can hold their heads as they have stepped up to the challenge. Afterwards one team was jubilant and the other not so, but of the course of the game they could not separated - in my mind both teams won and I told both sets of players that!

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